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SANlight FLEX20 LED-module

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The 90 cm long FLEX 20 LED-lamps by SANlight are the optimal additional lighting for your plant cultivation. If used as interlights between your plants, mounted to the wall, or as propagation lighting for cuttings and seedlings, the FLEX-20-LED lamps can be easily mounted almost anywhere, horizontal, as well as vertical.

With its full spectrum, the 19,2 watt strong FLEX-20-LED lamps cover all those light spectrums, which are relevant for plants. That way you can use it for the pure cultivation, as well as additional lighting during the flowering phase. The refractors of the high-performance LEDs constitute 90° and directs the light to where it is specifically needed: to your plants.

  • Cultivation, as well as additional lighting
  • 19,2 watt strong high-performance LEDs with 90°-refractors
  • Long durability due to passive cooling
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting possible

  • Application phase: growth and bloom
  • Emissions spectrum: 400-780 nm
  • PPF²: 40,7 µmol/s
  • Modulefficiency³: 2,12 µmol/J
  • Angle of radiation (rectangular illuminated areas with maximum homogeneity): 90° symmetrical
  • x-color space coordinate: 0,42 warm white color impression
  • y- color space coordinate: 0,35 warm white color impression
  • DC-cable length at the lamp ends: 100 mm
  • Protection class: IP68
  • allowed ambient temperature during operation: 5-40 °C
  • max. relative humidity during operaion: 100 %
  • Weight: 450 g

    ²Photosynthetic photon flux LED-module
    ³PPF per watt electronic power input LED-module, fluorescent tube = 1,3 µmol/J

For the operation of the FLEX 20 LED-lamps a suitable power supply unit is required, which is additionally available at our shop:
  • 25 W power supply unit suitable for 1x FLEX 20
  • 60 W power supply unit suitable for 3x FLEX 20

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menos detalles del artículo
Fases: Crecimiento Floración Dual
Potencia medida en vatios: 20 W
Peso del artículo: 0,50 Kg

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