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SANlight FLEX LED-Series

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Compact and flexible applicable linear lamp

The SANlight FLEX series is a compact and powerful LED light solution for the use in a multilayer system and for interlghting applications.

The especially for the application developed light spectrum of the SANlight FLEX series is remarkably broad and contains a balanced far-red/red proportion. This speeds up the root development of cuttings and enhances the growth in the first stage of the plant life.

Due to the generously designed passive cooling, the lamps stays cool during operation. In combination with the high IP68 protection, this allows the application of the SANlight FLEX in between the plants, where otherwise the light would not reach. Thereby the quality and quantity of the yield get increased.

Inserted into multilayer systems, the wide and homogenous directional characteristic produces a perfect light distribution, even with small distances between the light source and plant tip. Additionally, the low build reduces the space requirements of the individual stories.

To keep the installation easy, also for bigger systems, several lamps can be supplied over a shared LED-driver. The lamps can be connected directly to each other or via a connection cable without the need of tools. The mounting shackle can be folded for a comfortable mounting.

Hence, the SANlight FLEX offers a very flexible system for the cultivation of young plants and interlighting applications.

Technical details:
  • Available in two different length
  • Compact, space saving build
  • Cool operation temperature
  • Broad light spectrum with balanced far-red/red proportion
  • Operation of several lamps via LED-driver
  • Watertight IP68
  • Homogenous directional characteristic 90°
  • Rectangular light distribution
Scope of application:
  • suitable for indoor use
  • for the use in greenhouses
  • Lighting of multilayer systems
  • Interlight-solution for tall growing plants
  • in-vitro-cultures
  • for the root development of cuttings (e.g. also stories)
  • Replacement for neon tubes
  • Additional lighting for quality improvement
  • Cultivation of seedlings
Sanlight FLEX increase:
  • the quality of your yield
  • the quantity of your yield
  • the homogeneity of your yield
  • the usable cultivation space (multilayer system possible)
  • your flexibility (applicable as additional lighting or main light source)
Sanlight FLEX reduces:
  • your electricity costs
  • the temperature in the cultivation room
  • your risk
  • the water consumption of your plants
  • the time for the root development of clones
Disponible en:
  • SANlight FLEX10 módulo LED
  • SANlight FLEX20 Módulo LED
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menos detalles del artículo
Fases: Crecimiento Floración Dual
Potencia medida en vatios: 20 W 10 W

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