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Philips Son-T PIA Green Power 600W - 400V EL

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Fecha de entrega: 26.06.2024 - 28.06.2024
High pressure sodium vapor lamp with PIA technology 600W - 400V The MASTER GreenPower 600W 400V possesses an improved lighting current reflux. After 10.000 lighting hours the new lamp, in comparison to SON-T PIA PLUS lamps, still offers 7% more light! This extends the maintenance intervals and reduces the energy costs, if your new complex is provided with the new lamps right away. Your plants will be thrilled!

The advantages of the with PIA-technology equipped MASTER SON-T PLUS 600W-400V Green Power lamp:
- Very high reliance and shock resistance
- Long maintenance intervals possible, which safes money

Only 5% early failure after 18.000 hours
7% more light after 10.000 lighting hours

Technical information:
- Lamp output: 600 W
- Tension: 400 V
- Lamp voltage: 190 V
- Lamp current EM: 3.64 A
- Ignition time: 10 (max) s
- Start-up time (90% light output): 5 min
- Color temperature: 2000 K
- Nominal lighting current EM 25°C: 87550 Lm
- Nominal light efficiency EM 25°C 144 Lm/W
- For more information see the PDF data sheet

Works only in combination with an appropriate 400V (HPS) ballast and an E-40 socket. We suggest the adjustable Ultimate Pro 600W- 400V ballast by Lumatek.


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