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Kit Iluminación 600W MH Elektrox - Lumatek - Azerwing Large

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Tiempo de entrega: 3 - 5 días de trabajo


Here we offer you a perfectly matched lighting set with a dimmable electronic ballast 600 Watt by Lumatek (4 regulating steps: 250W, 400W, 600W, 660W superlumen +10%) incl. complete wiring. The ballast is suitable for sodium-vapor lamps as well as metal-halide lamps. Furthermore it features an automatic switch-off mechanism, which reacts in case of a short-circuit in the wiring, a defect lamp, or when a bulb is missing.

Another special feature of this set is the new reflector "Azerwing" large by PrimKlima, which is made of PVD coated aluminum with a reflection of 95%. A clear advantage of the Azerwing is, that the width of the wings is adjustable to 3 different sizes and thus the area that is supposed to be illuminated is variable as well.

The set is completed by an Elektrox Super Grow MH bulb 600 Watt. The MH bulb has a blue/white color spectrum and is ideal for the growth phase. The metal-halide bulb ranges in the rather low priced segment and therefore is excellent for the price-conscious gardener and the beginners.

Altogether, the set contains all the essential components to start right away.

1x Electronic ballast Lumatek 600W - shiftable
1x Elektrox Super Grow MH bulb 600Watt
1x Azerwing large reflector - 95%

To mount the reflector we recommend the chain set or Easy Rolls.

Lighting kits should be installed by qualified personnel only!

Potencia medida en vatios: 600 W
Superficie de cultivo óptima: 1,44 m² - 120x120 cm
Fases: Crecimiento
Peso del artículo: 4,91 Kg


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