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HOMEbox Ambient R240 Grow Kit 2x600W Adjust A Wings - 240x120x200 cm

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May we introduce:
The professional cultivation set for the ambitioned indoor gardener!
With a cultivation ground of 2,88m², this set does not leave any unfulfilled wishes for high-quality equipment.
Additionally, you will benefit from the affordable set-price compared to the single retail prices.

Scope of supply HOMEbox Ambient R240 Grow-Set with 2x 600 watt:
1 x HOMEbox Ambient R240
2 x Lumatek electronical ballast 600 watt - 4 level
2 x reflector Adjust-A-Wings Avenger medium
2 x Osram Nav-T Super 4Y 600 watt bulb - bloom
2 x Elektrox Super Grow 600 watt MH bulb - growth
2 x Legrand time-switch Omnirex
2 x Easy Rolls lamp mounting
2 x clip fan
1 x digital thermo-hygrometer with memory function
1 x circular in-line fan PrimaKlima 2-level 420/ 800m³ - 160mm
1 x activated carbon filter Prima Klima 800 cbm/h ø160mm
3 x Combidec ventilation hose 160 mm running meter
3 x universal hose clamp 60 to 165 mm

Details Homebox Ambient R240
Do you want a little bit extra?
Growers who want EXTRA, will here find the following: TWO 300 mm connections in the roof, parallel arranged 250 mm tubes right and left and FOUR OmniFlow-airvents! The R240 can fit two, or even three 600watt bulbs and thanks to the super-strong 22mm frame, this still isn?t the limit. Some users combine different kinds of bulbs to supply their plants with a diversified light spectrum. The PAR+ inner layer is now even more important! When several powerful bulbs are used, a lot of heat is generated and therefore it is important, that the radiant heat gets derived effectively, while the plant can use the valuable PAR-energy fully. When 1000watt bulbs are used, the use of air-cooled reflectors is recommended.

Dimensions when mounted: 240 x 120 x 200 cm
Cultivation area: 2,88 m²

- High-tech design and technology made in Germany
- Stepless, barrier-free access possible
- robust, impenetrable and dirt-repellant materials for a long durability
- Resistant external material
- Removeable, water-impermeable floor element
- Second floor elemet, which is connected tightly to the tent with an all-around-zipper
- Tubes:
+ 100 mm: 2 x back side, 1x left, 1 x right
+ 200 mm: 1 x left side, 1 x right side
+ 250 mm: 1 x left side, 1 x right side
+ 300 mm: 2 x roof
- OmniFlow air vent: 4 x Ø 250 mm, 1 x left, 1 x right and 2 x back side
- Insect screen with 700 micrometer mesh size
- Optimal reflecting PAR+ internal coating for fast growth and better yields
- Generous side-windows right and left
- individual opening for uncomplicated care
- Super-stable frame with 22 mm diameter
- Enhanced, precise processed connections made of plastic
- Total-Blackout Zippers: lightproof zippers without cover shackles, with Velcro strip
- After closing, the tent is completely sealed and lightproof
- Every part is exchangeable
- Maximum capacity: up to 150 kg
más detalles del artículo
menos detalles del artículo
Fases: Floración Dual Crecimiento
Categoría de energía: A++ A
Potencia medida en vatios: 600 W
Aplicación: Dentro
Zócalo: 2,88 m²
Tamaño montado (LxAnxAl): 240 x 120 x 200 cm
Oortalámparas: E40
Peso del artículo: 54,76 Kg

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